SCLC Executive Committee


The SCLC Executive Committee meets monthly. Composed of ten Administrative Council members, the Executive Committee has the following charges:

  • To work with the Chair on matters related to the administration of the System and to supervise the routine administration of the System between Council meetings;
  • To review the System Advisory Board activities;
  • To serve as the initial point of contact for any potential new member libraries and to screen applications for membership in the system;
  • To discuss and make recommendations to Council regarding broad-based policy decisions.  In emergency situations, the Committee can take action to institute or change policy; such emergency action must be ratified by the Administrative Council;
  • To assess the need for SCLC to respond to various state initiatives or programs and to refer responsibility for response  to staff or to the appropriate committee;
  • To review and make recommendations on matters referred from the interest groups, the Executive Director, or Council Members;
  • To review and approve line item budget adjustments within approved program budgets.