Long Beach Public Library Burnett Neighborhood Library - Internet and Computer Resources

Charges and Time Limits
Time Limits (minutes): 
30 minutes per day
Computer Device Use
USB Flash Drives: 
Allowed on library’s public access computers
Floppy Disks: 
Allowed on library’s public access computers
Available for Purchase
Headphones / Earbuds: 
Allowed on library’s public access computers
Microsoft Software on Computers
Microsoft Software on Computers: 
Product-dedicated Computer Stations
Product and Number of Computers: 
One A.W.E. Early Literacy Station (English version).
Public Computers and Classes
Public Computers and Classes: 
PCs for Public Use
Requirements for Internet Use and Types of Printing Available
Requirements for Internet Use: 
Library Card Required
Visitor/Guest Access Available
Types of Printing Available: 
Black and White Printing Available
Types of Internet Accessibility
No WiFi
Patrons age 17 and older may request the filter be turned off on the computer they are using.